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Mehmet Akar is an independent electronic music producer/ DJ from Turkey born in 1985, İstanbul. His creative streak began in the mid 90s, but not in the music field. Turntables, vinyls and headphones were not a part of his childhood toys as this is the story with most DJs around the world, but rather, his artistic ability manifested in the drawing field of comic strips and cartoons. He began his creation with music in the early days of 2010, while studying at the university.

His first set got recognized and broadcasted by Frisky Radio which scored him a monthly residency with the team. Soon after, in a short period of time, Mehmet started working on his own productions where his first tracks got released by well known labels such as Manual Music, LNOE, Perspectives, Stripped and got the support of many top DJs around the world.

Soon, in the following years, Mehmet got a chance to play outside of his country and at some good local venues. During that time, Mehmet got his first DJ gig at Ankara’s most famous club Faceless. Durring the summer of 2011 he proved one more time that he is on the right track by winning the “Next Producer Star Remix” contest hosted by Burn Energy Drink. As a result of his winning, Mehmet got hand picked by Sasha himself to join Burn Studios for Sasha and Richie Hawtin's special workshop at SEA Institude. But Mehmet did not stop there. In the following years he released almost 100 tracks at digital download stores along with many DJ sets where he also provided free tracks to his fans. Thanks to these releases and radio shows, Mehmet got the chance to spread his music all around the world.

He performed at popular clubs of countries such as Argentina, Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Cyprus, Tunisia and Thailand. At the same time, he continued to work and play at İstanbul’s underground dance music scene. He started his residency at Tamirci Karakoy which was one of the legendary underground clubs of its time. There, he introduced his deep and dark musicial journey on house and techno flows to the Turkish clubbers. After meeting the Beatgate crew at Tamirci, Mehmet started to play at many events as their artist at venues like Indigo, Kafes, Module, Koma and Karantina Alacati. In the beginning of 2014, Mehmet joined the sound and music technologies industry.

He started an e-commerce project for the biggest PA company of Turkey. In four years, the project he started became the number one site in its field. He also worked in this company as Pioneer DJ and Allen & Heath’s brand manager. After his years working for this company, Mehmet got the unique experience about music technologies & equipments. Although, those years were challenging for him because of the work load, he did stop to release music and perform no matter how rare it was.

In 2018, Mehmet founded SonarHouse Electronic Music School located in the heart of İstanbul: Galata. He is an instructor of Ableton and DJing who inspire his students to become qualified producers and DJs. In a very short period of time, Mehmet and his team have accomplished a great success by becoming the best electronic music school in town. Many of his students have started releasing tracks and performing at well-known venues not only of İstanbul but also other cities in Turkey. After all these years of experience, he’s still committed to discovering the best version both of himself and his music. He’s currently working on his new project Stamp Music and continues to release tracks.