About Us

Stamp Music, the new label of underground dance music, is actually a project which has been worked on for many years. Pioneered by chart hitting records owner artist Mehmet Akar, Stamp Music is established under the roof of SonarHouse Electronic Music School that aims to train qualified DJs and music producers. 

Stamp Music is in the intention of reviving the “outside of the box” with its artists who consider music as a lifestyle and not just a hobby. Located in the heart of Istanbul: Galata, Stamp Music aims to combine Istanbul’s rooted underground dance music culture with sounds that would take it to the international level.

In search of creating the music that is thought upon, Stamp Music intend to maintain the idea which started to grow at SonarHouse. It is basically a record label trying to gather people who pursue the purpose of raising the standards of electronic music in Turkey. In other words, being the representative of Turkey in the global electronic dance music scene.

The times we’ll dance along the sounds of Stamp Music is very soon...